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Mitchell Properties – River Homes

September 2020

Post COVID we are seeing a considerable uptick in prospect visits and new agreements at this unique property in Williamstown, MA. People are migrating to new areas and builders are finding success in secondary areas.

Mitchell Properties is the developer builder of the Cable Mills community which includes the new River Houses + Modern Mill lofts, as well as the adjacent adaptive reuse of historic mill buildings, into 61 apartments.

Mitchell Properties was founded in 2000 by Williams College ‘Class of 1980’ graduate Bart Mitchell. Mitchell Properties is a Boston-based real estate development company with an expertise in quality residential and mixed-use projects. Mr. Mitchell combined his development experience with his love for Williamstown, MA and created a modern living experience on the river.

The property is unlike any other Streamline Communities has marketed before. It brings the outside into the living area with incredible decks, large windows, and bright rooms. One of the River Home styles includes a tree in the living room surrounded by glass.

The homes and the area are diamonds in the rough that are being noticed with the urban flight. The property has experienced a surge in buyers looking for a new Berkshire lifestyle full of museums, art, academics, and the outdoors.

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